Your home.  Your way.

All of our general contracting and development projects go through our sister company Anderson Design & Development.



There are several benefits to hiring a firm that specializes in both design and construction including:

  • Design/build provides one stop shopping with a company that has expertise in all aspects of the project.

  • The home design process allows you to develop a relationship with Anderson Design & Development prior to committing to the Construction Contract and provides Mr. Anderson with a greater ability to meet your specific needs.

  • Design/build avoids the situation of you having plans drawn that will ultimately exceed your budget.

In short, it is a win-win situation for both you as a client and Anderson Design & Development.


One major reason for creating Anderson Design & Development resulted from several interviews we conducted with clients while designing their homes several years ago.

There were so many negative homebuilding experiences being reported that we were convinced we could offer a better product with better customer service.  At the same time, we believed that the process of creating and building a new home should be a fulfilling one…not a nightmare.

To that end, we have developed the following core business practices:

  • We provide you with a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs to build your home. You will know where every single dollar is being allocated. We will also provide you with copies of the estimates so you can verify the estimated costs for yourself and see exactly what is being included.

  • We will estimate your project by contacting every subcontractor to get an exact cost estimate. We do not “guess” at what something may cost.  We go out and get the actual costs and then pass on those exact costs to the client.  Nothing within the estimate will be “padded” and you will know exactly what Anderson Design & Development will be charging for their profit and overhead.  There are no hidden costs!

  • We do not require you to shop or buy fixtures from certain vendors or stores. We can recommend vendors if necessary.  However, if you would rather shop and buy products at Menards or Lowes to save money, we are happy to accommodate that.

  • We allow our clients to choose their own subcontractors if they have certain companies they would like to use. Or, in some cases, clients have relatives that can assist with some of the work and we also allow that as well.

  • We also allow our clients to assist with doing some of the work themselves if they are interested in saving some money. It is very common for homeowners to assist with insulation, finish carpentry, and even painting!

  • We provide you with reasonable allowances for cabinets, fixtures, and floorcoverings so that you are not disappointed when it comes time to go shopping. It is not uncommon for some builders to “low-ball” allowances in order to get the low bid on a project.  The result is an unhappy customer who ends up paying more unexpectedly.

All of these business practices have been put in place to develop a strong, trustworthy relationship and foster complete flexibility throughout the entire process.  We understand that this will be your home, and we are committed to building it your way!

Anderson Design & Development will ensure that you are receiving the most for your construction dollars; nothing hidden, no surprises and an outstanding completed project!


“We hired Anderson Design & Development to design and build a beautiful ranch style home with a walkout basement in East Moline. Once we had developed the basic concept and size of home we wanted, we quickly hired Doug to draw the building plans for us.”

“Doug interviewed us, and with his understanding of our concept, began designing the house in which we now live. This house design is exactly what we wanted, plus! Doug used his creativity and experience to add dimension and functionality that we would have never even thought of.”

“When it came to building our new home, Doug showed us a considerable amount of flexibility and was very easy to work with during the construction phase. His philosophy of building an affordable custom home that suits the homeowner also allowed us the freedom to make any changes we felt were needed throughout the construction. We ended up making a few minor changes and no major changes.”

Richard and Diane Valenzuela

“We would highly recommend Doug to build your home as he was very up-front with all financial data, very trustworthy, very patient, and most of all…..easy to work with!”