Custom Residential Design Services

Drafting Solutions, Inc. uses the latest in computer technology to design custom houses that meet your exact specifications.  Building plans are created at 1/4” scale and will include all the floor plans, four elevation drawings, a foundation plan, a typical wall section and a roof plan.  Whether you are a builder, or a homeowner, we will work with you and customize our services to fit your needs.


The Design Process…..

Preliminary Design (Step #1)

The first step includes an initial meeting which will give you the opportunity to share your ideas, preferences, needs, likes and dislikes.  We will take your ideas and turn them into "preliminaries" ensuring that the floor plan and elevation views will complement each other.  The preliminary plan may differ from the initial sketches that you provide as we work to develop a plan that best suits your requirements.  The preliminaries will contain room sizes and square footage data.

Preliminary Review (Step #2)

The second step in the design process is to review the preliminary drawings at a second meeting.  This is where revisions are noted and fine tuning is discussed.  The length of the review stage can vary depending upon the extent of the discussion and the number of changes that are required.

Working Construction Documents (Step #3)

At this final stage, the preliminaries are converted to working drawings.  We take all of your input and changes that have been made to create detailed elevations, roof plan, floor plans, foundation plans, building sections and site plans.